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Known Bugs:

  • If another fish passes under your lure whilst a catch timer is already active, it may deactivate the timer until you hover over another fish
  • Towards the end of a song, hits will be registered as “bad” even if they are timed perfectly
  • UI navigation with a controller will have quirks sometimes
  • Game Volume Sliders are set to 5/5 ONLY when the game is launched for the first time, afterwards any changes always remain the value you last set
  • Fullscreen doesn't always enforce 4:3 aspect ratio on SOME devices (?) leading to visual errors. For now we highly recommend playing in Windowed Mode which is on by default.
  • For some players, there is audio lag and it is variable. If this occurs, try restarting? hmm >:/

Catch Some Friends!

A Fishing and Trucking Rhythm game where you play as a Rabbit on a mission to collect as many friends as they can! Race against your parking meter as you catch and fulfil your friend book with as many friends as possible. Once the time is up, the cops will be hot on your trail! Time to bail and hit the road!! 

>Check Screenshots for the Controls<

>Best played with a Controller!<

>> Listen to the Soundtrack!

Tammy Morley | http://hexosphere.xyz - Game Design, Art,  Sound & Songs, Co-Programmer

Greg Sutton | http://cheddar-games.itch.io/ - Game Design, Programming 


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Friend Collector v1.0_Windows.zip 41 MB
Friend Collector v1.0_MacOS.zip 50 MB
Friend Collector v1.0_Linux.zip 56 MB

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hard but interesting game! I really like the low-poly 3d style!


this is literally the best game i have ever played 

trip is cute 

ty! we're glad to hear u enjoyed! :)

Game doesn't work. It just gives me a black screen whenever I start the game up.

(1 edit)

What specs do you have? From our testing/reports the game is only incompatible on MacBook Pro 2017 intel iris models. Let us know and we can make a note/see if there is a solution.

Hi, my specs are:
Windows 11 Pro. (Tested out Windows 10 Pro that also had black screen.)
AMD FX 8350. (Clocked in 4.00GHz.)
32GB of ram.
Graphics Card is Geforce GT 710.
Monitor is 2560 x 1080.


Thanks! Hopefully will find a solution and include it in our next update :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Really fun game overall! Really hard, and the balance mechanic adds an interesting dynamic to the difficulty where it can make things easier or harder depending on how much you can focus on manually adjusting balance. Loved all the little friends as well, such nice shapes and names!

A bug I found:

After the chase sequence bar filled, cars stopped appearing but I still got stuck on the chase sequence on an empty road...


Thanks for playing and the feedback! We're slowly making a patch to improve/address some things from everyone's feedback and we're also planning to add some more things in a future update, hope you look forward! :)


The rythm part is so hard, I can't seem to finish any song ToT but i love the graphics and the music is unbelievably good! so I'll keep trying :')

u can do this! i believe in you!! and thank u for ur kind words :>

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i did iiiit and i also managed to evade the police! great game, i really love everything about it